Keep on (truckin' to ) Shadowfell

2nd day

The party returns to Winterhaven, victorious. Lord Padraig gives them a hale and hearty welcome and pays them their 100, it was 100 gold pieces. They purchased two healing potions and some cigars from Bilius’s Grand Shoppe. They questioned Ninaren the elf huntress, and hear tell of an explorer named Douven who came before them and has disappeared after exploring a dragon burial site to the south. Ninaren seemed reticent as always.
After purchasing a few rabbit skins, they called it a night and got up early to speak with Lord Padraig.

He knew nothing of the cult or Kalarel when shown the note, and referred them to Valthrun.
The name “Kalarel” meant nothing to those who had studied their history, but it sure sounded evil. Lord Padraig sounded on the up and up as far as his ignorance of all things death-cult.

They met with Valthrun. Valthrun revealed that he did in fact know some things about death cults, and while he couldn’t provide them with any solid information on Lord Orcus, or Kalarel in particular, he pointed them toward Shadowfell keep. Apparently the keep sits atop a rift to the Shadowfell, and were it to be opened, Very Bad Things would occur. Like every zombie movie ever plus Left For Dead 1 and 2 all put together Very Bad.

After two days travel, the group arrived at a ruined and blasted looking castle, and located a passageway down into the deeps below. Faeus “found” a pit trap, but was telekineted out quickly enough by Gezernit. A few goblins were killed off quickly, and one was hunted down before he could warn any others.

A second group of goblins was killed in a torture chamber, and a servile goblin named Splug joined the party, professing his undying loyalty, etc etc. Splug pointd them to Balgron’s chamber, and after the party fought through a group of minions, Balgron was smashed quickly indeed.

The party elected to camp uneasily in Balgron’s chamber before searching out the treasure room Splug keeps raving about.


pyonkin pyonkin

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