Keep on (truckin' to ) Shadowfell

Day 3

Torloke got his dick bit off by a guard drake, after “scouting” the “treasure” room.

Yeah, that’s about the size of it. Splug betrayed the party to a group of goblin archers, and their guard drakes. Upon rushing into the room, which had been heavily excavated by goblin workers, Torloke was riddled by arrows from three archers. The guard drakes growled and raved down in the pit meanwhile. After taking a few hits from the archers, the party mowed them down from long range and then dispatched the drakes with a minimum of fuss… except poor Torloke who was nearly reduced to unconsciousness again.

The treasure was fairly worthless, only 22 gold pieces, but there was also some good quality Bloodweave armor, which the party unanimously voted to Torloke. Poor bastard wa at least lucky enough to find his cock, and it seems to have fitted back on alright… time will tell.

Next room proved to be rat-infested, but those were easily dispatched. An ochre jelly proved a little bit tougher, but it was handled well enough too. And no penises were harmed.

Further even still down the cave area, the group stumbled into a hive of kruthiks. The hathclings verily melted away before the combined firepower of Shal, Torloke, Io, and Gezernit.
The grownups had some trouble managing to bite anyone, (odd considering that’s pretty much what they live to do…)

A bit of treasure and a few healing potions were recovered, and camp was made for the night. Hopefully this end of the caverns will prove quiet…


pyonkin pyonkin

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