Keep on (truckin' to ) Shadowfell

Day 4

Having rested uneasily overnight in the kruithik lair, our intrepid heroes set out to further explore the dungeons below Shadowfell Keep. Behind door number one… show us what lovely prizes we have for our adventurers, Vanna! That’s right! A monster!

A blue slime, to be exact, which was turned into blue mush soon enough. Amongst the remains of previous visitors to the blue slime’s lair, they found some messages referring to a deal with Kalarel, apparently carried by an emisarry from a group called The Bloodreavers. Probably a Wednesday night bowling league.

Back in the civilized portion of the dungeon, it was a zombie jamboree, followed by a skeleton shindig. Beyond ye olde skelton warriors lay the crypt of Sir Keegan.

when challenged by Sir Keegan, the group proved to be quite convincing in their intent to close this mysterious rift that seems to lie below Shadowfell Keep. Sir Keegan also gifted them with Aecris, his magic longsword, which is thus far the least un-suitable magic item they’ve recovered. He seemed poised to go on a long monologue about duty and honor and sacrifice, but Io and the rest were all “Yeah, yeah, old man, point the way to the rift and let us spend the night, huh?”

So they bedded down in Old Sir Keegan’s lair and rested up for the lower level of the Shadowfell dungeons!


pyonkin pyonkin

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