Keep on (truckin' to ) Shadowfell

Day 5

Having passed the night listening to Sir Keegan’s ghost farting and snoring, our intrepid adventurers headed downward, ever downward…

No more goblins for these, our heroes! No! HOBgoblins are the order of the day!
And let me tell you, hobgoblins, though tough, proved no problem. The hobgoblin guards were unable to pull off a quality ambush, and melted away before the combined efforts of, well… everyone got their licks in this time out.

Speaking of everyone, a second Thri-kreen warrior tracked down our party, and joined forces with them… apparently she was after Shal for some as yet unspecified reason. Her services as a cleric proved invaluable, and no doubt once they take a breather, she will be invited to join up.


pyonkin pyonkin

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