Keep on (truckin' to ) Shadowfell

Day 6

Our intrepid adventurers now number lucky number seven again, since Ari has returned from hunting down Splug the Lying Cheating Scum.
They were awakened mid-nap by a returning hobgoblin patrol, and that went kinda-sorta badly for Maggie, but she got out of the line of fire in time. And then hellfire & etc. etc. rained down upon the hobgoblins.

Naptime resumed, and everyone got their forty winks in this time.

They went down on the hallway, where they found a gelatinous cube. Good thing Shal went ahead to scout and was paying attention.

They located a couple of sarcophagi that evidently belonged to the Keegan children and awarded a amulet of I-can’t-remember-what (Safewing Amulet – +1 Fort Reflex and Will defenses; wearer falls slowly, lands on his/her feet after falling, and damage is reduced by 10 feet )to Maggie.

And there it lay because Ye DM was le tired and needed to take a nap before he fired ze missiles.


pyonkin pyonkin

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