Keep on (truckin' to ) Shadowfell

Day 7

So, the final stretch! Our intrepid crew zipped right through a pack of zombies at the top of the stairs (the ghoul in charge of them was a little troublesome, but once his minions were gone…. poof!) and headed down into the Cathedral of Holy-Crap-That’s-A-Lot-Of-Blood.

Vampires! Not the sexy True Blood humping kind of vampires, but kinda yucky clawing type vamps. Accompanied by a couple berserkers, a Dark Creeper and a rather nasty UnderPriest or Orcus.
These fell easily enough before the might of our heroes, and they elected (wisely as it turned out) to use their own, nice dry ropes, to rappel down into the lower chamber, rather than sliding down the blood-slicked chains and risking a 50 foot fall.

And who do you think they found here? Why, none other than Kalarel himself, busily trying to open the rift to Lord Orcus’s realm in the Shadowfell.

Furious at being interrupted, Kalarel sicced his skeleton warriors and a Deathlock Wight on the heroes. Faeus and Torloke knew what to do about a caster though – get in his face and knock him down. With the wight occupied, the skeletons proved only a minor annoyance. However, Kalarel teleported into the middle of a glowing rune and rained destruction on all who came near.
A tough customer, he absorbed many hits and dodged even more, until our heroes ganged up on him – literally surrounding him and holding him down so that Shal and Faeus could beat him down.

The rift appears stable now, though dark claws are still attempting to swipe at anything coming near it. With any luck, no more death cult fanatics will find their way here to re-attempt what Kalarel so nearly achieved.

Next up… a victory feast at Winterhaven, followed by the continuing adventures, as told by Ashley


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