Keep on (truckin' to ) Shadowfell

The first day, part 2

The party moved on the next morning, hunting the kobold lair pointed out by the elf huntress Ninaran. No one at the tavern other than Ninaran professed any knowledge of the death cult rumors that the gang was tracking down.

They successfully located the lair, and slaughtered the guards posted outside.
However, it became clear when the dust settled that they were guarding a cave behind a waterfall…
Never ones to shy away from a fight, they waded in.

And once inside, they found more kobolds, lying in wait for them. They quickly offed several minions, but the kobold spellcaster laid fiery orbs into their midst, while his dragonshield guards proved tough adversaries. Not as tough, though, as the goblin Irontooth. The group was badly bloodied before Irontooth went down, having failed time and again to hit his closest adversary Ari. The coup de grace was given by Torloke.

Upon searching the corpses, they found a mysterious message, addressed to Irontooth, and referring to a spy in Winterhaven, and ‘feeding’ mortals to a Lord Orcus. Ominous stuff indeed. Irontooth’s treasure trove also included a goodly sum of gold pieces and a suit of mail, dwarf-made, which was claimed by Io. The tired band of adventurers began making their way back to Winterhaven, in hopes of claiming their reward, and perhaps learning more about this mysterious cult.


pyonkin pyonkin

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